A closer look at the different types of vanity furniture available for the bedroom and bathroom.

Vanity Desks

You can find vanity desks in contemporary, antique and other styles for bedroom or bathroom.

Vanity desks are a great way for women of all ages to tend to their cosmetic needs in the comfort of their own home.  Vanity desks can be used for multiple reasons, including applying makeup before the workday starts or prior to big night out, or they can be used at the end of a long day to remove makeup.  Vanity desks usually have compartments for storage, which make them a convenient place to store your makeup or jewelry.  Many women do not like having to lean over a bathroom counter when they get ready, which makes a vanity desk a great option.  When used in tandem with a vanity mirror and stool, it is an incredibly convenient way for women of all ages to get ready.

In addition to its actual purpose, vanity desks are an incredibly stylish furniture piece for any bedroom or bathroom.  They were originally popular in the Victorian era, and then again in the early 1900s, but in recent years have come back in style.  Many models of vanity desks are stylistically influenced from the time period from which they originated.  They are both elegant and luxurious, and make any room they are placed in instantly more attractive (unless they are placed in a fraternity house).

Vanity desks come in many shapes and styles.  When looking for the right one for you or as a gift for someone, there are a few tips we can offer to follow.  First, ask yourself how much storage you will need from the vanity desk.  If you own a lot of jewelry and cosmetic products, then you may want a vanity desk with more drawers.  If you like to keep it simple, then this is not as big an issue and you should look for vanities with less storage.

If you need a mirror and stool in addition to a vanity desk, then it may be a good idea to look at vanity sets, which include all of the aforementioned furniture items.  It is very common to find vanity furniture sold in sets, so if this is a concern for you, be sure to look at vanity sets.  Next, you should ask yourself what styles and colors you would want for your vanity desk.  Do you prefer a more classical or contemporary look?  These are important questions to answer as they will help you narrow down your search in the expansive market of vanity furniture products.

Another item that is commonly purchased in tandem with vanity desks are vanity lights for the mirror.  Any time you go to a department store, you will notice that the mirrors in the cosmetic sections are very well lit.  This allows the makeup artists to do the best job possible, since they can see everything very well.  Without optimal lighting, it is very hard for a woman to apply makeup.  Many vanity mirrors have built in light bulbs, so if your room is not very well lit, you may want to look at this specific type of vanity mirror.  These mirrors do not have to be that expensive either.  The Jerdon JGL9Q is an example of a great tri-fold vanity mirror on the market right now, and is currently being sold for about $35.